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[TowerTalk] Glen Martin + Cushcraft A3S

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Glen Martin + Cushcraft A3S
From: (Mills, Chuck)
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999 22:17:08 -0400
Hi all...just want to use everyone as a sounding board here.

Finances aside when building a tower, I am planning on putting up a 
GM Enginnering RT-424 (the 4.5' model -- hope the model # is right)
with a Cushcraft A3S on top of it.

Both Cushcraft and GM say that this is an acceptable combination considering
the mechanical specs of the A3S and what the tower is rated for, my county's
windzone of 70MPH.  The caveat of course is I must meet or exceed their
installation reccomendations (which I of course intend to do...)

Does anyone feel I'm in left field here....?  I know that one of the big
rules is following the manufacturer's specs and they're in agreement with
what I'm doing but I'd like some opinions on this....comments?

I posted a similar message before regarding this but before I drill a hole
in my roof, I wanted to see if there were any nay-sayers to this setup.  

Thanks and 73,
Chuck W3YNI

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