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[TowerTalk] FCC strategy for line noise problem?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] FCC strategy for line noise problem?
From: (Greg Gobleman)
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 19:14:02 -0500
I had no problem getting our local power co. out here in Cent. IL.  They
were willing to fix it, but I had to find it.  WB9RJY and myself roamed all
over my old neighborhood with a little am radio.  Everything seemed to
radiate noise.  Fences, towers, guy wires etc.  It wasn't till I walked up
to the pole in the front yard and shook the guy wire on it that we found it.
When I shook that wire it arced in time to the slight swaying of the pole.
Turns out the guy wire was very close to the Neutral running between poles.
When I had an east wind it pushed the line close enough to arc to the guy.
The local power co. put a big rubber insulator around it and solved my 60db
over line noise problem.  Please understand, I do not recommend yanking on
guy wires to power poles or beating on them etc. , in fact I think they try
to discourage that for safety reasons.

Good Luck
Greg K9ZM

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