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Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 10:28:26 -0400
Tom Horton K5IID is right...the person (or crew) sent by the local power
company (at least in the states) does not have a clue on finding the
problem.  At best they have a 27 Mhz hand held with a short whip attached.
They can hear the problem but unless its obvious it won't get fixed.   They
usually follow the book and check insulators, clips and call it a day.

The power company's don't have the budget for a Nelson (the guy who wrote
the book on RFI) or the guy with GA Power with a car load of equipment.
Now the district engineer has the job of finding the time and the problem.
If you can't find it they can't fix it...its that easy!

Check you house and tower out first.  We found a poor ground and my top guy
wires were noise sources.  Look at your door bell buzzer and neighborhood
fish tanks (see the motor bet its a source).   Next determine if its corona
or a noise that occurs in wet WX or dry.   The new street lights can be a
problem if they stay on in daylight or blink.

After your house is clean then take a 2 meter AM mobile or Air Band AM
(130 Mhz) with directional antenna to eliminate the false noise peaks and
check  as far as 2 miles from your home (start close by).   Then call the
district engineer and offer to meet him and get him a copy of your notes.
This worked for me and K4XR.   But be patient and good luck.

Dave K4JRB

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