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[TowerTalk] Line noise clarification

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Line noise clarification
From: (Tom Horton)
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 19:58:45 -0400
Again..use the public service commission, or whatever it's called where you
Another tact that has worked for me before in Texas many years ago...
On the bill was a place for comments...I did and they did..quickly!!
You are lucky that there is someone there that knows what is going on.
I would just bet that phone call to the PUC would yield rapid results!
73, Tom K5IID

At 10:05 AM 6/22/99 -0500, Patrick Barkey wrote:
>Thanks to many for the line noise advice.
>One point of clarification might help here.  My power company is
>very aware of RFI.  It has a full time RFI person, who I have gotten
>to know and has quite a bit of equipment and experience.  The
>RFI person is very friendly and helpful.  And, yes, he's a ham.
>The problem is that the business organization of the power
>company rewards managers who skimp on maintenance of any
>sort.  (I know.  I used to work for the company).
>The work orders keep getting written by the RFI guy, and the line
>crews just ignore them.  
>This is the cycle that I am trying to break.
>   - Pat
>     N9RV
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