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[TowerTalk] ICE Loading calculations help?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] ICE Loading calculations help?
From: (Tony Bean)
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 19:35:25 -0400
I'm planning on installing a Tennedyne T10.   Then antenna has a twin boom,
and ten elements, totalling 10.4 sq ft cross section (from the spec sheet).
I don't know the size of each element, or their tapers, or anything else,
but, I am interested in knowing how to calculate the wind load if there was
1/2 in. of ice built up on the antenna.

I know that if ice builds on the antenna, it also builds on everything else
up there (rotator, cables, tower elements, etc.) and all that aggravates the
load, too.   So, if anyone knows how to determine the loading for all this
(max wind for the county (Orange, VT) shows 70mph) I'd be grateful.

Also... does anyone here have any comments about buying a Trylon tower?
Any war stories to share?

THanks for all your help.

Tony Bean

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