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[TowerTalk] Triband tests

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Triband tests
From: Roger (Roger)
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 12:41:24 -0500
Dave and Ty mentioned using vertical polarization for triband tests.  This is
usually NOT recommended for HF antennas on a ground-reflection range using the
gain-transfer method.  As stated in the IEEE Std 149-1979 (Test Procedure for
Antennas), page 101:

"It is not practical to employ vertically polarized gain-standard antennas for
this purpose [87], since the power gain of such antennas at low elevation angles
is low, and varies drastically with the moisture content of the ground."

[87] FITZGERRELL, R. G. Limitations on Vertically Polarized Ground-Based
Antennas as Gain Standards, IEEE Trans. on Antennas & Prop. (Communications),
vol. AP-23, Mar 1975, pp 284-286.

73 Roger WB0DGF

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