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[TowerTalk] SUMMAry: Monobanders

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Subject: [TowerTalk] SUMMAry: Monobanders
From: (ted demopoulos)
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 12:39:51 PDT
Thanks to all that responded on my query on monobanders. Eventually I hope 
to have stacks for 10/15/20

First, some general comments, then the votes with comments hopefully not 
taken out of context.

"Don't forget the WX0B stackmatch"

"Model everything"

"gain comes boomlength, not number of elements"

"all monobanders are pretty good these days"

HyGain: 2 votes, "best bet for staying up and staying together"

M-Squared: 1 vote, "superior to anyone elses - particularly on the 
mechanical side"

Homebrewing: 2 BIG votes! Sorry guys, I like the idea, but no time. I leave 
home by 5AM most mondays and don't come back till Friday night. Not going to 
homebrew in a hotelroom (at least not antennas :)

Force12: 2 votes, more expensive but "you get what you pay for"

Dx Engineering: 1 vote, are these made anymore??

Not 100% sure what I'll do yet other than ordering a Force12 tribander for 
the WARC bands tommorrow (the WARC7).

Leaning towards HighGain.

Most suprisingly, everyone seems happy with what they've got. Sorry if i've 
missed anyone.


Ted, KR1G

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