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[TowerTalk] Wilson WR500 Rotator

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Wilson WR500 Rotator
From: (Chuck Lewis)
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 13:50:36 -0500
Hi, Kurt,

>From the WR-500 manual:

    Max. Load:          6 sq. ft. windload
    Motor torque:       780 inch-pounds (stall torque)
    Brake type:          Disk
    Brake torque:       1300 inch-pounds
    Gears:                 Stainless
    Bearings:            96 ball bearings; 750 pounds balanced weight

There's more, but that's most of the important stuff. Be wary of windload
specs...I'd pay more attention to the torques, and compare these with modern
rotators which also give things like "K-factors" just so you can compare
apples with apples. If you want anything specific, or a copy, let me know.
The manual has a good schematic, too. This thing bears a striking
resemblance to the current Yeasu family. If I remember correctly, I tried
the rotor side connector with my G-800 cable, and found that it mated. The
control box, however, is totally different. Don't try to mix & match!  This
uses an A.C. motor, while the Yaesu series uses D.C.

Chuck, N4NM

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Wilson WR500 Rotator

> Hi,
> I have a friend who asked me about a Wilson WR500 rotator he acquired.
> Anyone have info on the rating for this thing?
> Thanks!
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> 73, Kurt
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