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[TowerTalk] Cables buried in wire ducts?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Cables buried in wire ducts?
From: (Ron Youvan)
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 99 16:05:04 PDT
  You seem to be covered with self inflected wounds.
  You can use concrete lentels (they are U shaped & pre-stressed}, intended to 
go over windows and doors)
as the trough (up to 16 {or more} feet long) and make brown wood grain textured 
concrete covers
(short enough to handle without equipment) by having some pine boards (lightly) 
sand blasted
(to provide the texture on the inside of the molds {knot holes & swirls} you 
build) and use masonary coloring
in the concrete.
  Bury the top of the lentels even with the finished grade.  The cross 
sectional area would be
about 4 " by 5 or 6" each.  If this isn't enough `room' you could cast your own 
in place,
you could even have a trench dug and the walls sprayed with `gunnite.'
(sprayed on concrete)  A pool maker in your area could lead you to people that 
do it.
  There are special concrete blocks that are 16" long with the same shape, they 
would provide
a 7" by 8" or so area.  BTW wide and shallow should make it easier to make 
changes (pull
one cable out and drop in another, I work with a 4" square raceway sometimes it 
is grim.
  I would HATE having to mow around such obsticals. (are you going to make a 
`mower bridge'
near the center of the run to get the mower from one side to the other without 
having to
go around the end? or house)

      73 (= Best Regards)  de Ron

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