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Subject: [TowerTalk] Coax baluns
From: (Jim Berry)
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 14:54:30 -0700
Hi Donald and anyone else interested,

Donald said:

> For years I have added a coil of two or three
> windings about 20" to any coax that comes into
> the shack.  I bare the coax outer covering above
> the balun spot to expose the braid on the outer
> lead.  Then I run a soldered a connection from
> the braid directly to ground STRAIGHT DOWN.

There are many methods of protecting your gear from lightning.
Usually the correct and most reliable methods are just not feasible
if you live typical residential house or apartment.  You need to pull
little tricks.  Some work quite well actually.  A few turns of coax
outside makes a nice choke.  Grounding the braid as Donald described
should work just fine.  Sure, not as fancy as a commercial entrance
panel and following every step in the Poly-Phaser manual, but better
then just running the coax straight in.

That reminds me of the time I visited a dumpy old shack that was
being used for commercial two-way stuff.  This place was so dumpy
that they even had plastic tarps over the radios to keep the
rainwater that leaked through the roof from getting in the rigs.  A
few turns outside in the coax, and the AC line cord had a big ugly
knot tied in it.  I asked the "tech" about the knot and he told me it
was for lightning protection.  He claimed he had replaced several
completely blasted apart line cords, but the radios survived in fine
shape.  I had to just shake my head, but then, it probably worked.
Either that or the tech was pulling my leg.

73 Jim K7SLI

> doesn't seem to make signals any  worse, and it
> may have even helped some.  One thing, I've
> never have lightning come into the shack.
> I am curious if anyone else does the same thing,
> and what results they have had.
> tnx es 73 de n8csp
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