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[TowerTalk] HAM-xx rotor phase shift cap

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Subject: [TowerTalk] HAM-xx rotor phase shift cap
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Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 01:16:14 +0100
On Tuesday, August 03, 1999 4:35 PM, Hans - K0HB [] 
> When I recently asked about a sluggish HAM-III rotor, several folks
> suggested that the phase-shift cap might need replacement.  I have
> no schematic, so can't ID the cap in the control box.

A number of folks responded with the info I needed.
Thanks to all of you.

Grainger had the replacement cap, and the change in the
rotor is astounding!

Rather than $500+ for a new Tailtwister or whatever, the
venerable Ham-III turns the tower with vigor after a
mere $3.30 capacitor infusion!

Thanks again to all.

73, de Hans, K0HB
Most Reverend Liberator of the Electric Smoke

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