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[TowerTalk] HAM-xx rotor phase shift cap

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Subject: [TowerTalk] HAM-xx rotor phase shift cap
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Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 03:31:53 +0100
A buncha guys asked:

> Pass along the Granger numbers. 

The cap I got is not an exact "form/fit" replacement, so
you may want to do more shopping, but....

.....Grainger number is "4X059".  It's 130-156mfd,
110-125VAC, non-polarized electrolytic.  Physically 
it fits in the existing mounting clip, but rather than 
axial leads, it has two "plug in prongs" at one end, so 
you need to save the longer leads from the old unit and 
solder them to the prongs.

There's a physically identical part "4X058" which is
108-130mfd.  Since the original was 130mfd, I opted to
the higher value, but I'd guess the 4X058 would work
as well.

73, Hans, K0HB

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