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[TowerTalk] Force12 C-31XR Tri Band Beam SWR

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Force12 C-31XR Tri Band Beam SWR
From: (John R Bookout K7JB)
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 1999 22:56:44 -0700
Hi Gang:

I just finished getting my Force12 C-31XR tri band beam up onto my 70'
Rohn 45G tower.  If you own one of these antennas, I would like to hear
from you as to the VSWR measurements you are getting.  Especially on 20
and 15 meters.  The antenna specs posted on the Force12 web page:

Indicate that the VSWR should be no greater than 1.7:1.  However, mine
is more that this: 

20 Meter Band:
Frequency       Pf      Pr      VSWR
14.000          300     50      2.37    out of spec
14.050          300     45      2.26    out of spec
14.100          300     40      2.15    out of spec
14.150          300     30      1.92    out of spec
14.200          300     20      1.69
14.250          300     20      1.69
14.300          300     20      1.69
14.350          300     20      1.69

15 Meter Band:
Frequency       Pf      Pr      VSWR
21.000          300     30      1.92    out of spec
21.100          300     40      2.15    out of spec
21.200          300     45      2.26    out of spec
21.300          300     50      2.37    out of spec
21.400          300     60      2.61    out of spec
21.450          300     65      2.74    out of spec

I hired a commercial antenna installer to get this antenna up and he has
encouraged me to write to Force12.  I have sent both Tom Schiller, N6BT
President and Nathan of Force12 emails concerning this matter.  However,
I have yet to hear back from them.  I sure did not get this treatment
when I was dealing with them on specs and a sale.

My antenna installer is growing impatient and is pressing me to get on
with the completion of this installation.  So I am trying to gather
actual info from other owners who have personal experience in measuring
their C-31XR's results.  

My antenna is up by its self and should not experience any other
problems with the environment.  The measurements I have done were using
a Bird Watt meter driving the antenna with a Collins S line with 30S-1
In addition, my antenna installer has gotten the same SWR measurements. 
So we are in agreement.  All of the suggested methods mentioned in the
instruction manual have been tried by my installer and nothing has
brought my VSWR measurements down to the Force12 specs for the C-31XR!

Thanks John K7JB

Best 73's 

John, K7JB Amateur Radio Since 1958
Collins Collectors Association MEMBER

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