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[TowerTalk] rotor mounting screws falling out

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Subject: [TowerTalk] rotor mounting screws falling out
From: (Kurt Andress)
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 1999 23:20:14 -0700

Jim Rhodes wrote:
> Yes, I have had this happen on my ham2. Now I use blue LocTite when
> installing, seems to do the trick.
> At 12:47 PM 8/3/99 -0400, you wrote:
> >
> >Hello everyone....just wondered if anyone else has experienced this
> >situation....
> >I happened to look up at the rotor plate after a recent thunder/wind storm
> only
> >to realize that two of four bolts holding my tailtwister to the plate were
> gone.
> >
> >I climbed up the tower and replaced the missing bolts and even tightened
> >the two remaining bolts. What can I do to prevent this from happening again??
> >Obviously, these bolts are vibrating loose....any suggestions??
> >Thank you in advance......73 Ted VE3SS
> >

I suggested removable Loctite many months ago for this problem. The
problem is significant in my mind, and there are several others who do
not view the problem in the same light, nor the problem or cause in
similar fashion.

I have several theories about what is exactly occuring, but that is to
lengthy for this discussion. I find it entertaining, but others seem to
find it obnoxious.

I also have seen several occurrences of this problem at my station and

Loctite can improve the situation, but it is not a panacea for it!

The real problem has to do with materials, thread clearances, fits and
tolerances between the plate and fasteners.
These installations need to be checked at regular intervals (3 months
max) to observe the status of the connection.

If one perceives the problem as preventing fasteners from disappearing
from the tower connection, Loctite can help.
If one thinks it is a problem of having the connection ever get loose in
the first place, there is another entire (long,not readily resolvable)

Since, my opinions appear to significantly differ from other esteemed
contributors, I prefer to haggle over the issue privately, or not at
It is guaranteed that most of this discussion will not result in action
by the commercial entities that can actually effect positive changes.

Both of you have seen the same thing I have, others have not, so we can
definitively state that it either is or is not a problem.

I pitch my tent on the side that says it is a problem and will not
readily be resolved.

Climbing the tower regularly and tightening the fasteners and replacing
them regularly will keep the connection operational. 
Much of the severity of the problem lies in the design of the stuff
connected to the rotator, which is even another entire different
discussion. This may explain why there is so much diversity over the
rotor connection problem.

Always fun to see an unresolved topic resurface. That promises us years
of guaranteed discussion! Towertalk would be no fun if someone did
something about everything we consider here!

Fortunately, few do anything about it, so we can maintain active
discussion at regular intervals.
Thanks for bringing it up again!
See you next time.

73, Kurt

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