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From: (Michael D. Ihry)
Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1999 10:43:23 -0500
Check me out on this please:

I got a flyer from Lowe's hardware (Indianapolis) today - They're
selling UF-B 10/2 for $62.49/250ft, 12/2 for $34.79/250ft, and 14/2 for

I will require nearly 600 ft cable to top of tower.  T2X manual calls
for 500-800 ft to use #10 for terminals 1 and 2 (motor) and #14 for all
the rest.  I plan to put the rotor cap at the rotor, thus saving 2

Surely we're on the same page so far.  If I have 2 romex cables, one
#10/2 and one #14/2, this gives 3x#10 wires and 3x#14 wires.  I would
use the black and the white #10 wires for terminals 1&2.  This leaves
available the "ground" wire in the 10/2 cable and all 3 wires in the
14/2 cable.  How can I best utilize these wires for the remaining rotor
terminals, or does it matter at all?  (ONE of the remaining 4 wires
would be #10 and the other 3 would be in the 14/2 cable.)  Which of the
rotor wires would you choose for the "odd man out"?

Is the Lowe's price OK?  Is 250 ft spool common, and would it be hard to

find longer runs, ie could I get the whole 600 ft or so in one piece
elsewhere?  If so, where?

If splices have to be made, how would you make the "best buryable Romex

In my dreams:  Inexpensive source of a buryable, 8 conductor cable with
2x#10 and 4x#14...??

Enough for now - many thanks!

WA9ALS - John
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> All the replies I've gotten were copied to TT. UF-B seems the way
> to go.

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