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[TowerTalk] Falling Rotator Bolts... Part2........ wv4r

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Falling Rotator Bolts... Part2........ wv4r
From: (Pete Smith)
Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1999 11:52:39 -0400
At 08:17 AM 8/5/1999 -0500, Murf wrote:
>   Dear TTs,    Having just read another opinion about Loose  rotator
>bolts, I got to thinking how I install mine.   The longer the distance from
>the Thrust Bearing  (hope you use one) to the Rotator, the less the stress
>if there is a slight  misallignment, right?    rotator max acceptable, the
>closer to dead center?   The larger the pipe/mast to the max size of the 
>thrust bearing max acceptable the less chance of tightening it Off-center, 
>right?   Installing the whole thing LOOSELY first, then  rotating it a bit
>and finding the Sweet Spot and Then tightening might help,  right?   And,
>of course, doing the Whole thing On The  Ground is mucho betta than
>carrying the rotator control box Up the tower,  holding it in one hand
>whilst ye hold onto the tower with the Other and then try  tightening with
>your Third Hand, right?

A clever old tower guy showed me the best way to deal with alignment
issues, at least on a Rohn tower -- first, tighten the mast-to rotor
clamps, shimming or otherwise adjusting to make sure that the rotor is
concentric with the mast (this bart can be done on the ground or on the
tower.  Then tighten the bolts that hold the rotor to the rotor shelf.
Finally, tighten the U-bolts that attach the shelf to the tower.  If you
can't get them tight without distorting the shelf, loosen the u-bolts and
bend the shelf as needed so that tightening the u-bolts does not pull the
shelf out of the position that has been set by the mast and rotor.

73,  Pete N4ZR
Sometimes a tower is just a tower

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