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[TowerTalk] Coaxial Choke Baluns

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Coaxial Choke Baluns
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 1999 17:56:21 -0600

On Mon, 2 Aug 1999 12:00:34 EDT writes:
>Thanks for the info on buluns. A quick couple of questions. While it 
>is easy to wind a balun on a 4 or 6 inch form, what do we do with it 
>once we have it? 

        I wound a choke for my 2L40 on a 3 Liter Coke bottle
        and suspended in below the boom using tie-wraps
        and tape.   N4KG

>Would it degrade the balun by mounting the balun with the antenna mast 
>or boom running through it? I suspect not. 

        Unfortunately, it will degrade performance.  N4KG       

This would allow a way to support the balun and not have a big blob 
hanging off the antenna. 

        Understand.  Mechanically good but electrically bad.  N4KG

Or how about if  you had a 4 inch boom, could you just wind the 
balun around it or even hang it through a 2 inch boom?

        The closer the choke is to the metal, the more it
        couples (capacitively) and the greater the degradation.

 Or since I have a tubular tower with a 4 inch square top section 
could I just  wind it around that section. 

        This would be better than winding it on a 4 inch metal
        cylinder, especially if you spaced it away from the tower.   
        But still not at good as if it were not wound around the tower.

Also do you have info for a 80 meter dipole? 24 turns on 4 inch tube?

        Dunno...I had a problem with an 80M dipole being detuned
        after I installed a 3L20 at the mid point of the 130 ft tower.
        Apparently there was an 80M resonance between the top
        and bottom beams which were separated by 70 ft and end
        loaded by the beams.

        You might want to go to a larger tube to reduce the number
        of turns needed.  Believe there is some 6 inch PVC or other
        type of tube available.      N4KG

>Just curious.

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