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[TowerTalk] Interference from trees and metal roof

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Interference from trees and metal roof
From: (Phil Clements)
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 1999 22:43:13 -0500

>My antenna will be at about 85 ft... enuf to clear the trees, but
still in
>close proximity to them.   I have many, many red-pine trees on the
>property... and I suspect they will be withing 30 ft or so of the
>Will this cause me problems?

Only if one of the trees falls on a guy wire in a storm.

>Second question:
>My house has a metal roof; about 29 squares of it.  This will be
about 65 ft
>below the antenna.
>Any thoughts on how much this will impact the pattern?
It will not. I highly recommend ON4UN's new book, "Low Band DX'ing."
It tells how all this good stuff works. In a nut-shell, the RF from
Yagi at
85 feet will hit the ground a long way from your metal roof.


Phil, K5PC

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