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[TowerTalk] Autek RF-1 Woes

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Autek RF-1 Woes
From: (Bob Thacker)
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 21:51:03 -0400
Been taking SWR measurements with the RF-1 with a rather wide fluctuation of
readings from day to day, even though the weather has remained dry. The
battery has been changed to eliminate the known problem of varying voltage
and unequal measurements . I'm puzzled why there is a discrepancy, while the
internal amplifier SWR meter reads consistent, day to day. Any thoughts why?

On a similar note, been thinking of purchasing the AEA CIA-HF analyzer.
Recently sold an AEA SWR-121 and really liked it. Actually I'm sorry that I
did!  Got rid of it to make another purchase since I already had the RF-1
and the LXC/TT field report had the Autek winning hands down. Any one use
the CIA-HF? Or a better question, why should the CIA-HF be purchased over
the MFJ 259B?

Bob,  K3GT

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