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Subject: [TowerTalk] centermast
From: (Ronald Anderson)
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 13:51:12 -0500
Hi everyone:  I knew here, I don't know how I missed this reflector but I
did but not any more.

I have a 100 Ft. SSV tower sitting in 16 Yards of concrete.  I have a (I
believe been awhile) 2 in. ISD gas pipe for a center mast with I think 3/8
wall thickness.  Anyway I have 5-6 ft. in the tower on a tailtwister
rotator.  The mast is in a thrust bearing so there isn't any weight on the
rotator.  at about a foot above the tower is a TH-6DXX Tribander,  about 3
Ft. above that is a pair of Rutland arrays one being horzonital, other
being vertical, above that is another pair of Rutland 2 meter same setup,
both of the arrays are on about a 12 ft. boom horzonital from each other.
On top are two verticals for 432 & 2.  

I am going to remove the top verticals and replace it with a diamond 6,2,70
cm antenna.

I also just bought a 6 meter beam M2 5 element which I want to mount at the
top of the mast.  Top of the mast is about 15 ft. above the tower.

Should I replace the mast with a larger one or can I just insert another
mast inside the present one and bolt through ?

I am concerned with bending the mast over in high winds and particulary now
that I would be mounting the 6 M beam at the top of the mast so that I can
get the proper spacing.

Comments and Idea's please  Thanks


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