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[TowerTalk] Small Beam Opinions

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Small Beam Opinions
From: (Donald E. Stiles)
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 09:00:58 -0400
Hey Scott,

Small Quads require more basic maintenance than the Yaggi's.  They seem to give
a lower ambient noise than the yagii's also.  As far as signal, they may a
little more potent also.

Vertical's in an array with phase shifting also do a great job.  They are lousy
with vertical noise.

The quad in a three element configuration with three separate loops for each
frequency is always an alternative.  Reflector, driven and director.  I see
that it is possible in kind of a Loop Log Periodic with phasing of elements.
Good Winter project.

In constructing the quad, make your spreaders radiate outwards from the small
boom.  It is difficult to get them to stand up hi hi.  I have always wanted to
try a quad from PVC boom, PVC spreaders and aluminum elements.  This would give
the quad a little bit more bandwidth.

Are you going to place a rotor on the chimny?  What bands do you want to cover?

gud luk

73 de n8csp k

"Scott E. Olitsky" wrote:

> Can anyone give me some ideas, opinions on small beam antennas.  I am
> looking for something that I can mast mount to my chimney.  I know that I
> can not expect much but would like something better than a vertical or wire
> for 10-20.  Any opinions on the "hybrid" mini quads?
> Scott
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