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[TowerTalk] radials-bare vs ins.-wire size

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Subject: [TowerTalk] radials-bare vs ins.-wire size
From: (dan hearn)
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 09:40:19 -0700
I would like to hear comments on bare vs insulated wire for buried
radials. Also on use of smaller wire sizes,i.e. 28 vs 14, and stranded
vs solid. Particularly interested in any measurements or tests. Also
interested in thoughts based on theory. I have access to a large amount
of 28 bare wire.
  While in Dallas I had an 80m 4 square using Hytowers. The radial
system was 20 number 16 solid buried about 2-4 inches per tower. Ground
conductivity is very good there and the location was basically level.
The system was carefully tuned using a 4 channel 100mhz scope with equal
length sampling lines and small current xfmrs at each tower. The system
worked well and was good for 39 zones worked. HOWEVER, a local friend
with a 4 Hytower array using small insulated hookup wire radials always
matched my reports and now and then beat mine. His location was similar
and about 50 miles south of mine. He also heard DX better than I did but
I realize this is probably explained by local noise level differences.
Do these things happen to you? Hi.
  I later extended my Hytowers to 67 feet from the original 52 feet and
installed a better phasing system. It seemed then that we were on a
par.  Will appreciate any comments on these topics.

73, Dan, N5AR

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