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[TowerTalk] K1FZ Beverage Transformers

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Subject: [TowerTalk] K1FZ Beverage Transformers
From: (Iowaguy)
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 20:49:24 -0500
I recently ordered two 2-wire beverage transformers from Bruce Clark, K1FZ.
What a pleasant experience!  Bruce called me on the phone shortly after I
had sent him an email placing the order. . . he was seeking some more
information specific to my installation.  He followed up the next day with
an email indicating that the units would ship "this afternoon."  Two days
later the units arrived via insured Express mail (US mail).

I got the units today and opened them up.. . they are first rate in every
respect and very nicely built.  I'll get the beverages up in a couple of
weeks and try them out.  In the meantime, it is nice doing business with
someone who is pleasant, business like, and does what they say they're going
to do.

K1FZ's website is:

And, no, I have no affiliation with Bruce nor any ax to grind.  Just wanted
to relate a nice experience.

73 to all. . . Dave

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