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[TowerTalk] Glen Martin help needed

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Glen Martin help needed
From: (WA9ALS - John)
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 1999 21:35:34 -0500
When I was stringing the Hazer cable through the winch etc, I had some
problems and observations that you can probably help me with.  I have
the M1870A 70 ft tower.

Consider that there are 4 wheels for the cable to pass
over - 1 at the top, 2 smaller ones at the bottom, and the MAIN winch
wheel below the 2 smaller ones.  Here are my observations and questions:

1.  How far into the main winch wheel is the cable supposed to go?  Mine
probably only sits with about 1/3 of its diameter into the groove.  Is
correct, or is it supposed to go farther down in?

2.  The main wheel only clears the bracket that mounts the whole winch
to the tower by about one millimeter.  Thus, with the cable sitting "on
top" of the wheel (see #1 above), the cable gets pinched between the
wheel and the bracket.  When I first started today, I fed the cable into
the wheel where it comes close to the bracket - It won't pass through
freely, so I started turning the crank.  This will crank it through, but
it's such a pinching, tight fit that it abrades the cable and even broke
a couple of the individual wires!  Thus I quit right away, and
fortunately there is some extra cable, so I can cut off the part I
messed up today.

My first idea was to use a grinder to "thin" the bracket a tiny amount
right where the wheel opposes it, but decided I have too many questions
and better wait until you and/or Glen Martin can shed some light on this
problem!  However, tomorrow's Sunday, and I'd like to get as much done
as I can tomorrow.  I'm hoping to get it vertical next weekend.

Summary of questions:

1.  How is the cable supposed to fit the main winch - sorta riding on
top or "half-in" the groove OR should it be deeper?  If it was deeper,
it wouldn't bind with the bracket as described.

2.  How close is the winch wheel supposed to come to the bracket, i.e.
how much clearance is there supposed to be?  If there is supposed to be
more, then I have to get a new one or thin mine out.  There's no
adjustment available that would help.

3.  What's the best way to cut EHS "cleanly" (to get rid of the excess

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!
WA9ALS - John
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