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Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 17:25:07 EDT
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> O.K. Steve, so now I'm 70 feet or so off the deck. I'm standing on a
>  piece of angle iron thats U-bolted to the mast. I'm praying that my mast
>  is still nice and strong. I tell myself that this is kind of crazy but
>  as a friend of mine once told me "In times like this, Amateur Radio must
>  go on". So I stay with it. How is my climbing lanyard attached so that
>  it keeps me nice and close in to the mast? This is definitely time for 2
>  lanyards right?

      Excellent question. 

      Yes - this is the penultimate ham radio tower move and will actually 
only be done by few hams. The thread a couple of months ago was on the 'nads 

       And yes again - 2 lanyards are handy. Your fall arrest lanyard, which 
is normally attached above you, is only a little useful since there's no 
place 'above' you to attach it. You can imagine the problem and exposure when 
you try to wrap your normal 3-foot or so positioning lanyard around the mast 
several times with one hand to get you close enough to the tower to do some 
work. What I do is to loop my normal tower positioning lanyard once around 
the mast as a backup lanyard while using my "Rattmann lanyard" as the primary 
positioning lanyard. The Rattmann lanyard is a web lanyard that is one-foot 
long between the snaphooks. It's named for Glenn Rattmann, K6NA, who gave me 
the idea. It's just long enough to go between your belt waist D-rings and 
around the mast. It's not wrapped around, just passed around the mast. Now 
you've got a lanyard that'll hold you cozy to the mast and you've got a 
backup that mostly stays out of the way while you're working. When I first 
started using the Rattmann lanyard, I only took it when I knew I was going to 
be working on a mast. Well, I found that it comes in handy in many situations 
where you might not want to take the time to put a lanyard around the tower 
(i.e. a crank-up, quick attachment, etc.) so it's hooked to my safety belt 
100% of the time. 

      If you really need this very specialized device, they're available from 
Champion Radio Products for $50.00.

Cheers,   Steve    K7LXC

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