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[TowerTalk] Lightning Hitting Chimney Summary

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Lightning Hitting Chimney Summary
From: (Greg Gobleman)
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 06:01:22 -0500
Thanks to all who responded.  I must say that I had my doubts.  Yes, I have
heard for years that lightning will do some strange things.

I had 10 responses with most involving chimneys.  Nearly all had a tower or
towers, close by, taller than the chimney, which was not hit.  Only one
person reported the loss of some electronic equipment and one other had a
power pole hit which although close was lower in elevation than his property
and suffered a old TV loss.  Probably from the EMP.  Another had a tree hit
and split with no tower hit.  A fellow who is a Mason described more than
one instance.  Descriptions of the damage to the bricks and chimney are
similar in all cases.  Shattered, exploded with pieces scattered.  Some
burns marks.

Extensive and expensive damage with the insurance companies not even batting
an eye.

With all that aluminum hanging nearby in the sky, you just have to wonder.

Greg K9ZM

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