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Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 11:00:01 EDT
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<< I received my building and zoning permit yesterday for my 75' 25G tower.  
 hole is dug (4.5' deep, 2' square) and I plan to have that inspected on 
 Friday.  Next I'll pour gavel and sand in the hole for drainage (6").  I 
 a company coming to screw in the guy anchors either tomorrow or next week.  
 plan on putting 3 - 10' sections together first and put my 24' mast inside 
 those sections so I can lift it up thru the tower when the full tower is in 
 place.  My question is how do I go about bracing the first 30' of tower so 
 won't move during the cement pour.  I plan on having one set of guys on the 
 tower (the first guy at 23') to stabilize and plumb the tower with the 
 turnbuckles.  Should I use some sort of bracing at the bottom so it won't 
 kick around while the concrete is being placed in the hole?  Any comments 
 would be appreciated.  >>

       What you want to do is to stand the bottom section right on the sand & 
 (you want the tower legs to drain, remember?). Now you can tie off the 
section with rope to stakes in the ground. Use a level or plumb bob to square 
things up and tighten/loosen the rope to get it where you want it. If it's 
secured like this, the section won't move at all during the pour. Just 
confirm plumb after the pour and push/pull it if it needs adjustment. That's 
about it. 

Cheers,   Steve    K7LXC
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