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[TowerTalk] Lightning 'porcupines' & rods

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Lightning 'porcupines' &amp; rods
From: (Mark L.)
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 20:16:14 GMT

Jim wrote:
<< Where does one find stainless steel foil? ...SNIP...73 Jim K7SLI >>

Hi Jim,
I found some rubber compression couplings at the local Lowes/Home Depot 
store in the plumbing section. They are made to join underground sections of 
iron pipe. They have a black rubber boot, two hose clamps, and a cuff of 
thin, stainless steel sheet. Some cuffs are corrugated and a little harder 
to use (can be hammered flat) and some are nice and smooth. I'm not sure 
which grade of stainless these cuffs are.
These cuffs can be easily cut with snips for use as an intermediate metal 
when mitigating corrosion between dissimilar clamped metals, such as 
copper/aluminum and copper/galvanize. Use a coating of noalox antioxidant 
(also at home centers in electrical section) for maximum effect. I think the 
cuff material is 0.010 to 0.015" thick.

You can also buy this material much more cheaply from McMaster-Carr ( ) as "Metal Shim Stock". They carry type 302/304 
stainless (as well as other metals) in packs of 3 sheets 8" wide by 12" long 
for about $5. The 0.010" thickness should do fine (Part # 9011K88).


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