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[TowerTalk] URL's/Music, The Music Is Gone And So Am I

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Subject: [TowerTalk] URL's/Music, The Music Is Gone And So Am I
From: (Jim Smith)
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 19:28:39 -0700
>Let me see if I understand what happened here. Tom posted a message with an

    No there were multiple messages with attachments, sources unknown except
for the one I responded to. I had to delete the others because they were
wreaking havoc with my computer whenever I tried working with my files. I
sent one message to the reflector so any responsible parties would know what
trouble they were causing.

>Some members who apparently don't know how to configure their
>e-mail program to not follow HTML links and stuff got mad at Tom because
>they didn't like the music that was attached.

    Wrong again. I never got to hear the music, but my computer kept trying
to dial out to go to the attached URL even though I repeatedly stop it.
There is no option to turn off to prevent this. Not all browsers, and e-mail
programs are the same.

> They proceed to take up tons
>of bandwidth flaming him because of their ignorance.

    Strike three. I sent only one brief message.

> I guess I messed the
>attachment because my sound card is plugged into a box for running RTTY &
>PSK. I would have to flip a switch if I wanted to hear it, but if I did
>hear it I am sure it would affend me no more that the fancy HTML fonts,
>ASCII graphics and paragraph long signature files that many members of the
>group use.

    To all those complaining to me about the HTML, my e-mail program IS set
up to use plain text when I compose a letter. It is however, set up to reply
to messages I receive in the same format they were received in. I never got
to see the message, and wasn't aware of the HTML text. You didn't complain
about the HTML in the original message, so don't whine to me about the HTML
in the response.
    Now can we get back to the tower talk?

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