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[TowerTalk] tensioning guys

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Subject: [TowerTalk] tensioning guys
From: (Pete Smith)
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 21:10:35 +0100
At 09:55 PM 8/21/99 PDT, Ron Youvan wrote:
><< The calculations would be harder as the guys are not horizontal.  The the
>biggest issue is:
>How would you measure the droop at mid span?
>Back to square one? >>
>  No it is very simple, you look at where the bottom of the center of the
>cable intercepts the tower while looking UNDER the guy with a small
>telescope* (or binock.) from the anchor and you measure (by counting
>section elements) how far down the section the droop is.  Most over 1,000
>foot towers come with a page of correct values in its book.
>       (the as-built book)
> * a telescope from a small rifle works fine, and is held parallel to the
Sure, but for ham-sized towers the measurement error in this method is much
too large a fraction of the total droop.  Loos works best.

73, Pete Smith N4ZR 

Sometimes a tower is just a tower

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