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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rohn TB? info
From: (Stan or Patricia Griffiths)
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 10:44:06 -0700
Hi Brian,

You are talking about the TB-3.  The TB-3 is made of cast aluminum with
steel bearings.  There is no need to do anything to protect it from the
weather.  Rohn even suggests not lubing the bearings.

In every combination (dozens of them) of TB-3 and Rohn M200H mast I have
ever tried, the TB-3 slips right over the galvanized mast with just a
little clearance.  Since the TB-3 is cast aluminum, a few swipes with a
half round file could make it just a little larger inside.  The TB-3 is
not a precision device, but then you don't need a precision device to do
the job it is intended to do.

Take a look at my web page at <> for a dimension drawing
of the TB-3 and while you are there, check out my price on a new TB-3.
At this writing, I have no TB-3s in stock, but I have a BUNCH on order
and expect them in about 2 weeks.


Brian Smithson wrote:

> Hey all!
> I'm curious about the Rohn TB? thrust bearing (2"
> model):
> 1. How tight is the 2" fit? I have two 4130 masts (2"
> ID, 1/4" wall) and both a 'slightly' bigger than 2".
> I had to go to a 55mm bearing on the first.
> 2. What sort of weather resistence does it have? Galv?
> What are people doing to help this when installed?
> Thanks es 73!
> -Brian n8wrl
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