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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Big Boy rotors
From: (Joel)
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 19:34:54 -0400
Hello Al,

I put this response on line as I get a lot of e mail concerning the BIG BOY 
just like yours.

First, please check on the webpage for PROSISTEL BIG BOY which is    Please understand we can not keep up with 
changes much less the orders coming in.  The base had changed as did many other 
on the BIG BOY units.  I would go by the webpage until literature is actually
printed.  The "clam shell"  mast clamp is in development and actually made.  
Expect to
see a special design shortly. When everything is ready and production catches 
up, you
will see full page ads in many mags.  Prosistel has a good line of rotors but 
expected  the selling  job we have done for them.

Again, don't give up, just give us a call.  Look at our website

Regards, Joel, K2QBV

Toll Free 800 426 8693

Regarding your installation, whatever it is, BIG BOY will turn it  and have a 
Remember, this is a double worm gear design with a 1/4 HP motor.

Al Crespo wrote:

> Joel,
>         Your Big Boy pictures are confusing to me. The picture in CQ Contest
> magazine seems to have two rotating plates. How come?
>         Furthermore, one of the reason M2 is successful with the Orion is the 
> clam
> shell on it. Why don't you have a picture of it as well as a description.
>         Wish you success.
>  I have just about given up on rotors and just have 4 yagis per band pointed
> in  different directions.
> Station is on a cliff overlook ling the ocean and too windy for rotors!
>                         Aloha, Al

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