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Subject: [TowerTalk] C3S Tuning
From: (Barry N1EU)
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 17:16:12 EDT
Wanted to thank everyone who responded to my posting, and apologies to those 
I didn't respond personally to (been floored last 24 hrs by a hopefully 
brief bout with the flu).

>From all the good advice I received, the last 3 variables that may improve 
(lower) the resonance seem to be eliminating possible guy wire interaction, 
raising antenna height, and making small adjustments to the coax length.  
All 3 items will be addressed this weekend as the antenna is raised from its 
temporary height of 30ft to full 50ft AB577 height.  Phillystran top guy 
sections were already in the plans as was a new run of coax.  Respondents 
indicate 28.3Mhz resonance should be easily attainable with 2 rivet holes 

Thanks to all & here's hoping the bands will open and stay open,
Barry  N1EU

----Original Message Follows----
<< Hoping to get some tips from folks who have been there with their F12 
C3/4 tuning on 10m.  My C3S 10m resonance refuses to go lower than 28.8, 
even with the 10m driver extended "one hole" beyond factory drilling....>>

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