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[TowerTalk] Grounding photo link and ?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Grounding photo link and ?
From: (Phil Clements)
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 20:56:10 -0500
Definately use the strap, but come off the tower a bit higher.
You want about a 45 degree angle from each tower leg to
the three ground rods. Do not turn the strap 90 degrees under the
bolt on the tower. Come strait down. Then the three ground rods
are also strapped together with the copper strap. You can dig a
trench for this, but mine are on top of the ground. Keep all the
straps tight as possible.

Phil, K5PC

>Could some of you grounding gurus please take a look at the following
>link and lend me some opinions?  Pictured is the bottom of a 70 ft Glen
>Martin aluminum tower with some "trial" grounding connections!  I'm
>struggling with arriving at the best physical attachment for strap
>and/or wire to this tower.  Tnx!
>WA9ALS - John
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