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[TowerTalk] Base for Delhi 48' Free-standing Tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Base for Delhi 48' Free-standing Tower
From: (Carl A. Smidt)
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 09:47:11 -0300
Hi All,

I am about to pour about 5 cu yds of concrete into a roughly 5'x5'x5.5' deep
hole dug by hand in gravel soil, thus making it impossible to have the sides
smooth vertically. The bottom is bellowed out rather roughly. I would rather
not have to put in forms for the concrete. In your learned opinions, would
it be dangerous to just pour the concrete into the hole, over the rebar
cage. Would a base poured thusly sustain a free-standing tower of 48' with a
TH5DX on top without going out of plumb with time. The frost goes down about
3' to 4' depending upon the severity of the winters. Located in
south-eastern New Brunswick right next to Maine. Your opinions would be much

73,  Carl,  VE9OV

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