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From: (Donald E. Stiles)
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 17:13:39 -0400
Hey Y'all,

Besides Radio Shack,  you can find an adequate carpenters level at most
discount hardware stores.  You may might as well buy an adjustable carpenters

Attaching the Laser Level to the carpenters level is as simple as using
electrical tape, the ubiquitous duct tape or fiber glass enforced tapes.  Shim
stock can be made of layers of paper(s).  Writing paper has a range from 0.002
to 0.006" for leveling adjustments.

Targets will help in many different ways.  A WHITE  background with black
circles that emanate from the target's center.  Depending on the alignment's
needs, targets may take many shapes and designs.

With a short string plumb bob attachment, you can find the spot to place
something directly below, or use straight line positioning on masts, guys,
tower legs?  Be creative, i.e.., magnets, c-lamps, tape, backing, shims,
mounting, adjustments etc.,  when attaching the Laser Level to your hardware.
It's easy to calibrate and use hi hi.

The accuracy improves proportionate to the distance aligned.  At maximum
calibration at minimum distance the accuracy is 1/2 or 50% of the laser's spot
diameter.  The smaller the spot, the more accurate.   Measurements in distance
are hard to do, but the new auto ranging binoculars should be close in
measuring distance.  They also need a discernible target to be affective..

Antenna element alignment during assembly, batter boards, line leveling and
more.  Try these things that I have found to be very effective for me


73 de n8csp k
"Stephen A. Mullikin" wrote:

> You can get a good quality laser pointer at any Radio Shack store.
> > So don't keep us in suspense! Where do I find this Laser/level? Love the
> > idea and have some uses for such a gadget. Russ Ellsworth WA6CWV, Boise,
> > Idaho
> >
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