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Subject: [TowerTalk] BELDEN 9913 COAX PROBLEMS?
From: (Donald E. Stiles)
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 19:42:59 -0400

Hey Y'all,
I thought I'd share this with you.  I got some

73 de n8csp k
Hi gang,
Below is my friend Jerrys Belden Coax
Saga...Chuck W8VOM

Hi all:

Belden promised a satisfactory answer to my
Belden 9913 flex coax cable
problems.  Here is what has finally transpired
over the past 4 or so weeks
with Belden.


1) They admitted they are having problems with
their 99913 flex in that the
center conductor migrates.

2) Their people have told me that they would
resolve the problem to my
satisfaction.  Never happened.

3) There are at least three people at Belden who
have admitted to the problems.

4) All the way from center migrating to a high
degree of loss but they
don't seem to know which if not both?  And
what's the difference?

5) They have refunded the money spent on their
9913 flex coax with no
questions asked.

6) Their 9913 flex has been pulled off the
market, one can not purchase it
from any legitimate source, period.

7) In order to get compensated from Belden one
has to provide them with the
defective coax, as we all know we can use our
TDRs to find where the loss
is located.  Gosh, I forgot we don't have a TDR

That means you are required to take your antenna
system down, remove the
Belden coax and send it to Belden for them to
analyze it to determine if it
is indeed bad.  If they will tell you the truth,
who knows.

Even though they have found a lot of their 99913
flex is bad and it had to
be returned to the factory.  This resulted in
the removal of the coax from
the distributors.

But, as one of their sales people informed me.
Their engineers indicate
their is nothing wrong with their 99123 flex
with the exception it has been
pulled off of the market or on engineering hold
for over 2 1/2 years.  Just
2 1     /2 years mind you, until recently one
could still purchase it.

8) Belden indicated to one of my friends (who
also has had the defective
Belden coax) if he was willing to wait, they
will replace his coax with
their new coax, but they have this coax on the
drawing board????

9) Belden has also indicated that they will do
what ever it takes to help
out with those who have their bad coax, they
have just told me I will have
to supply the bad coax before they will do
anything.  Let me see, I know I
am getting lip service and no action what so

There is a lot more to this sad story, but I
think you get the point as
ridiculous as it is.  The bottom line is Belden
is not willing to come
clean, period.  You must understand that is
their decision, therefore they
own it.  I have asked them to come clean but
they continue to indicate they
will but don't, lip service.

If this is true of their simple coax, what must
it be like to depend on
hard line, heliax and fiber from a company that
will not tell us the truth
up front, yet continues to indicate that they
will help in this situation
with their product, but doesn't.

Please send this e-mail to everyone you know who
uses coax and other
similar products, they should make up their own
mind if they really want to
do business with a company that is not willing
to admit to their mistakes
and take care of them in the proper way.

Realize, everyone makes mistakes, but not to
come clean and help the end
user can not and should not be tolerated.  The
decision is always
yours.  There are plenty of good companies that
we can purchase good coax
from and not go through this pure brain damage.

I hope this helps all of you from my experiences
with Belden, and I hope
and pray Belden will get the message, but I
doubt it.  My good wishes go
with all of you.
Most sincerely,

Jerry Klabunde  K9JHK

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