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Subject: [TowerTalk] BELDEN 9913 COAX PROBLEMS?
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Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 19:01:04 PDT
Hi All,
  Personally, i don't understand why anyone would buy flexible foam
dielectric cable to begin with. For years and years, we've known that if you
bend the stuff, the center conductor miagrates. Is it worth it for a lousey
1/10th or 2/10th db. less loss? Of course not!
  Why would anyone want Belden or anyone elses 9913? The loss in it is
hardly any better than RG-213.If you don't think RG-213 is the way to go,
then buy some really good stuff. Look at the LMR series cables, or better
yet, hardline! Money spent here stays on the job many times over.
  So, if you feel you got burned, stop whinning and send the cable back and
get your money back. Or suffer the loss and move on.
  Sooner or later we get burned on something. Everyone gets a turn in the
barrel. What do you think they should do? Pay you for your inconvenience?
Get real! 
  73 de Roy Lincoln WA4DOU Elm City, N.C. 

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