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[TowerTalk] Tic ring assembly tips?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tic ring assembly tips?
From: (Barry Kutner)
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 19:41:48 -0000
Hi Kirk and all,

Your experience with the TIC ring reminds me of my experience 
with a Buick I inherited when marrying my wife :.) I considered 
pushing it off the top of Mt. Washington when I lived in NH, but sold 
it to a dealer instead...

My first TIC ring is a 1993 vintage. There were some initial 
installation problems with a few holes drilled 1/4 inch off center in 
the tower mounting brackets, causing the ring gear to slip out from 
the motor gear.  Flipping the tower mounting brackets over did the 
trick. Also, I had to replace an intermittent direction indicating pot 
once. Other than that, Ring number 1 has worked like a champ 
since installation.

Ring number 2, vintage 8/99 (marked 1022D), was just installed 
last week, and the antenna is going up tomorrow. Assembly was a 
bit easier than the first one. A few holes were a bit tight, probably 
from the galvanizing. Nothing a file and a little banging on the bolt 
didn't fix. Also, there are a number of changes in the ring design 
including additional bearings to support and hold the ring in place, 
as well as additional supports for the boom cradle.  The gear that 
turns the ring has bigger teeth, too.  Calling it sturdy is an 
understatement.  It arrived in two boxes - box 1 contained the 
motor and the indicator. Box 2 had everything else and was 
weighed in at 87 lbs by UPS! The controller looks identical to the 
1993 controller, with an analog indicator, preset knob, start button, 
and on/off switch. The controller box itself is about 1/2 inch longer 
from front to back, otherwise identical.

TIC makes a unique product, and Carl at TIC has always been very 
helpful and pleasant.  He seems to keep his word a little better 
than his son, Todd, who is no longer with the company. I would 
have no hesitation buying another one.

Regarding the reflector, my vote is to discuss TIC-related issues on 
Towertalk. It is a tower-related product.  Towertalk has many more 
subscribers, and discussion here may also be beneficial in 
introducing the product to those who are not familiar with the TIC 
ring (and we do want TIC to stay in business, in case we do need 
73 Barry

On 28 Aug 99, K4RO Kirk Pickering wrote:

> Let me know if you folks think I should bother maintaining this 
> reflector, or if we should just discuss this stuff on TowerTalk.
> Thanks to everyone who has provided support and suggestions over
> the last year.  I feel like I know a lot more about nature of these
> units thanks to your input.  Good luck in the upcoming contest season,
> and may your rings operate well for years to come.
> 73,
> -Kirk  K4RO

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