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Subject: [TowerTalk] Thanks for input
From: (Nat Davis)
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 09:54:01 -0400
A couple of weeks ago, I asked for input on whether or not to house bracket
3 sections of 25G to my house as my first tower -- I asked if that would be
"worth it."

Many thanks (belated) for all the replies that I received either directly
or as posts to the list.  Your input and suggestions were a big help.
Assuming no complaints from my town's Planning and Engineering Department
when I check on zoning restrictions, the tower should be a "go."

A couple of questions:
--      I want a thrust bearing at the top.  Does an AS25G accessory shelf come
drilled for a TB3, in addition to rotors?  If so, should/could I use this
at the top of the tower instead of the APL25G accessory plate  (the shelf
with 3 short "feet" that bolts to the top section)?  Are there advantages
to the APL25G?

--      Antenna choice:  I am space and money impaired!  My friend with the
tower sections is willing to part with his Hy-gain TH-2 (being replaced by
a C4 -- showoff!).  It has appeal due to its small size (6' boom) and cost
(great to have friends!).  However, what I put up will likely be "the"
antenna for a long time.  In that sense, I am wondering if I should not
step up to a little more antenna.  I read the recent thread comparing the
small 3-element beams (TA33, TH3, A3S).  An alternative, the TA33-JR seems
a good fit for me -- same general specs as the TA33 but lower power rating.
 Since I do not see an amp in my future, is this a reasonable antenna (or
the others, for that matter)?  Any alternative suggestions?  I wish I could
afford a Force Cxx antenna but the budget and neighbors would not look
kindly on that!

Thanks again,


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