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[TowerTalk] "non-Rohn" gin pole

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Subject: [TowerTalk] "non-Rohn" gin pole
From: (David Jones)
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 19:18:46 -0400
Hi All,
I've seen several different models of gin poles that seem to work with the
"round" legged Rohn-type towers.  I have a Delhi 48ftHD self-supporting
(which is similar to a smaller version of a Trylon) with the almost
U-channel type of legs and cross-bracing in between.
One of our club members has crafted his own version (that actually works
rather well) with two eight inch pieces of channel that fit over the
cross-bracing, the lower of the two bolted to keep it from jumping of the
rungs, in turn attached to the piece of square steel serving as the pole,
on top of which sits the pulley assembly.  My only concern would be the
stress sits on the cross-bracing instead of a leg (as in the Rohn-types),
but for moderate loads it seems to work well!
The question, finally...

Is there a commercial gin pole that will work with the Delhi/Trylon types
(I'm more interested in the Delhi version of course)?  

David Jones  VE3STT

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