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[TowerTalk] 6 meter antennas and metal roofs

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 6 meter antennas and metal roofs
From: (Scott Bullock)
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 20:40:05 -0400
I have a client that wants to put up a M2 3 element 6 meter yagi sidemounted at 
the peak of a metal roof on his house. Our first thought is that it's a bad 
idea from the standpoint of reflections, but we would like to hear from anyone 
that may have already done this.

He's currently building a new house, and the roof is done, so changing the roof 
is out of the question :) But he wants to bum around on 6 meters this fall and 
winter nonetheless. I can get anywhere from 4' to 8' above the roof peak, which 
is very steep-abt 8 in 12 pitch. 

The benefit for doing this hopefully will be from being able to get the antenna 
40' in the air to give him a signal until he gets a tower up. 

We've laid the groundwork for a real first class station, utilizing all 1/2" 
and 7/8" heliax cable inside conduit, polyphasers, custom entry ports etc.

What's the collective thoughts of the group, will it work, will there be 
problems, and has anyone ever done this?





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