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Subject: [TowerTalk] Guy alignment - friendly wager
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Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 00:55:06 EDT
I too use the K5NA method, with one improvement.  If you have a mast, place 
it in the tower section.  Go ahead and install the thrust bearing and the 
rotor plate/rotor to ensure that the mast is centered in the tower section.  
Then when you stand back and line up the fore leg in the middle of the two 
rear legs, you can actually place the fore leg right in the middle of the 
mast.  Depending on your eyesight, binoculars can be helpful.  Also, the 
position of the sun can help you see the mast better so that you have an 
equal amount of mast on either side of the fore leg.  I suppose you could use 
a piece of PVC or some other inexpensive material for an "alignment" mast 
that you could paint dayglow orange, etc.  

Ron  AD7L

In a message dated 8/30/99 9:09:07 AM EST, writes:

This is almost how I do it. I stand up a tower section with a baseplate
attached on the spot I want the base to be. Then with a measuring string, I
measure the distance from the leg that I want the anchor to be. Then I find
the exact spot by looking back at the tower section and centering the
closest leg between the other two. It is exactly like lining up the sights
of a rifle.

This has always worked perfectly for me. I guess it helps if you have
really good far vision, which I do. I just can't see anything within my
hand's reach.

The two methods in the wager are too complicated and too much bother to do.

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