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[TowerTalk] Times Fiber T10 Drop Cable - Again

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Times Fiber T10 Drop Cable - Again
From: (Steve Maki)
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 22:11:46 -0400
Chris VE3FU / VO2AC wrote:
> Hi,
> My last message about this cable never got any responses so I figured I'd
> try again with a little more information.
> I'm trying to find out if Times Fiber T10 Series 11 Drop Cable is suitable
> for HF use.  For those who may be more familiar with Belden or
> Commscope Cables, the T10 Series 11 Drop Cable = Belden 1524A = Commscope
> F1160BVM.
> I hope these numbers will be more familiar to someone and will get a response.
> Please see for my
> original post.

Chris - 

I'm pretty sure that the construction of this cable is similar to
other CATV cable - copper clad solid steel center conductor, poly
dielectric, shield of aluminum braid over aluminum foil.

Since it is RG11 size, it has loss and power handling characteristics,
on HF, similar to a good RG8 cable.

Only problem is connectors - you can't solder to the braid.  So you
are limited to crimp style connectors.  I would think that the crimp
style RG11 F-connector (the cheap kind that uses the cables' center
conductor as the stinger), into an F/UHF or F/N adapter would suit
most amateur purposes.

Steve K8LX

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