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Subject: [TowerTalk] Source for large shackles
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Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 22:10:42 EDT
Hello all,

Well, the concrete base for the 25G 75' tower was poured this weekend and I'm 
in the concrete curing process (wetting it down for the next two weeks).

I'm using AB Chance anchors and need 1/2" shackles to go from the screw 
anchors to the equalizer plates.  I tried to put the two equalizer plates on 
either side of the screw anchor eye and use the large bolt Rohn provides for 
placing through the eye but the width of the eye casuse the two equalizer 
plates to spread too far apart to fit inside the jaw of my turnbuckle.  So my 
solution was to use a 1/2" shackle from the guy anchor to the equalizer 
plate. I went to the local boat store because I couldn't find the 1/2" size 
at any of the local hardware stores (Lowes, Hechinger, Home Depot, etc.).  I 
did find 1/2" shackles at the boat store and was so happy that I bought 3 
without inspecting them.  When I got home and got one out of the package 
there was no rating on it like I had seen on the smaller ones at the harware 
store.  I assume these are sold at the boat store for anchor chains and are 
not rated like the other types.  It is galzanized and all it says on it is 
"1/2" and "China".  Since this will be holding all the force from the three 
guys to the guy anchor I didn't want to chance it.  Anyone have a good source 
for galzanized 1/2" shackles with the proper rating.  All I need is 3.  
Anyone have any left over from any tower projects that they would like to 
part with.  Thanks for your help.

73, Jack W4NF

Soon to have a signal again.

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