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Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 19:38:40 EST
 TowerTalk is not, in my view, an appropriate vehicle to claw anyone unless
 the person doing the clawing does so with an identity disclosure.  You
 yourself have disclosed your identity as NA1I which is fine.  Whoever
 Strabdoc is, and I don't know, took what appears to me to be the low road
 and attacked, out of the blue, and with protection of an e-mail address
 which might have been coined by the CIA.

Actually,  I posted something some time ago regarding tower companies and was 
deluged with negative responses regarding one of the companies (you have used 
the name not I).  I can not tell if these are true but if they are they 
should be looked into.  Many of the people feel they were dealt with 
unfairly, let the legal system decide.  Most felt they had no way of 
rectifying the problem...they do.  If there is no basis to any of these 
issues, it will go nowhere.  However, problems like these will not stop if 
nobody speaks about them.  

I agree enough bandwidth has been taken up with this.

Those who want to do something about it now have a mechanism to do so.

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