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[TowerTalk] Fence Noise

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Fence Noise
From: (Brian Smithson)
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 18:52:58 -0500
I have an electric fence at my house and there are three
things that make it noisy -

1. Grounds somewhere. Most common is the nails holding
the insulators to posts or trees. Walk around the fence
at night listening for/and looking for sparks. I've fixed
them by bending the wire out of the way and/or plastic
spoons over the ends of the nails.

2. Poor ground at the charger, as Steve suggests. Often
(as is the case with mine) there is just some wire 
wrapped around the terminal going to a ground rod. Make
sure the connections are clean and solid. Ditto for the
wire to the fence itself.

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> > Anyone have any experiance with electric fence noise??? How can the 
> >  "pulsing" be nullified at the source????
>     Generally electric fence noise is worst when there is some 
> part of the 
> fence that is being accidentally grounded (i.e. weeds across the 
> bottom fence 
> wire or branches touching it) or in poor shape. You have to go to the 
> electric fence and clean up the weeds. Usually owners don't mind 
> you doing 
> that if you ask.
>      I was having some problems with one and the owners said I 
> could look at 
> it. Turns out the ground wire had deteriorated and wasn't making 
> much of a 
> connection. Fixed it and the noise went away. 
>       Problem electric fence noise can be coming from miles away. 
> Remember 
> that fence acts like an antenna and the noise will propagate.
>      Have you found the source yet?
> Cheers,   Steve    K7LXC
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