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Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 21:14:29 EST
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<< Dear TTians,
 After So much TT on SOIL, I thought I might offer this little tidbit...
 I live on The Farm and found the local Federal Government/Farm Service
 Agency or NCRS or whatever has detailed maps of ALL land with detailed soil
 descriptions and a Huge manual that explains all the soils...
 This is All FREE... However...
 All bets are off If you are a city slicker!

I have used these maps and they are OK but you will not find the required 
foundation design information in them. They also only tell you the surface 
soils, not what is down around your anchor. These maps were developed for 
farming and use a different type of nomenclature than used in engineering. I 
have also used them in the city and was surprised how detailed they were. 
I?ve always wondered how they got the soil information for some of the really 
remote pieces of lands that could not be accesses without special all-terrain 
vehicles. And did they obtain soil samples by trespassing?

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