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[TowerTalk] Stack 10m yagi w/ C-3E?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Stack 10m yagi w/ C-3E?
From: (Dan Levin)
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 21:15:44 -0800
I finally decided to toss the old tribander and buy a C-3E.  I'm praying
that Tom gets it to me in time for SS SSB.  I'll have it at the top of the
mast at about 85'.

I was driving home tonight from dinner and realized that for the 10 meter
contest, I could throw together a 2 or 3 element 10 meter monobander and
mount it at the bottom of the mast, say 71'.  14' of separation isn't really
enough, but it will be worth modeling.

But - will it work?  I don't have a Stackmatch, so I'd have to feed them
with 1/4 wave phasing lines.  About all I really understand about stacking
is that it works much better with identical antennas :-)  Does anyone have
any thoughts on whether I can stack a beta matched 3 element monobander with
a C-3E in this manner and get it to work?  I'd appreciate any comments or

Thanks much,

            ***dan, N6BZA

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