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[TowerTalk] BuzzSaw is ruining 80 meters

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Subject: [TowerTalk] BuzzSaw is ruining 80 meters
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Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 21:30:53 EST
My fellow hams-

Guess what- the demise of the 80 meter buzzsaw has been anything but a demise-

For weeks now, I have copied this signal from here in SE Wyoming beginning in 
the morning at around 13:02Z, with bursts of 80 seconds every six minutes, 
wiping out everything from 3.780MHz to 3.810MHz, centered around 3.795MHz.    
While I thought this was a temporary thing- it has now gone on for several 

And now, the situation has gotten worse.  While I don't live to monitor this 
signal, it seems to be going on for longer use to come a few 
times at 13:02Z...then go away after about, it is generated 
throughout the entire day, ie: on November 4th, at the above intervals. The 
reoccurring signal during this afternoon, was measured at  22:56 and 23:02Z,  
being S-9 on the NW vertical, S-8 on the SW vertical, and almost not heard on 
the SE or NE verticals, of my 4 sqr array.

Based upon these observations, and the time of day I was tracking this, there 
is no way this signal is coming from anywhere except here in the United 
States- and I would have to agree with others,  who have monitored this 
signal along the west coast, that this is perhaps an over the horizon radar 
signal coming out of the Utah/Nevada area.

This is no mistake of identity- recent tests of over the horizon radar in our 
spectrum has been documented in Canada and I can assure you- this signal is 
exactly like the Canadian signal- .....  it is wrecking our band.  The signal 
source is getting bolder in transmitting the entire day- as if daylight will 
make the signal less of a bother- but as the night time lengthens, it is 
becoming a true annoyance and interfering with OUR spectrum-

I recently heard for a brief period at our sunset, just prior to the CQSSSSB 
test- who knows when they are planning to go 24 hours a 
far, the early evening and after midnight hours have been spared-  but for 
how long??? 

Call your congressman, call the FCC, call the ARRL...make as much noise as 
this thing is- we have basically had our spectrum borrowed, if not stolen, 
and they are taking space that is most desirable for DX'ing- 
is surreal- and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon-


Paul Veal  N0AH
Carpenter, WY

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